Ford Mustang marks 60th birthday with 800-car party in UK

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Mustang time  crowd Whichever benignant of Mustang lights your fire, it was connected show Hundreds of Mustangs lined up astatine the British Motor Museum to observe the everyman sports car’s 60th birthday

Every state has its car: Mini, Volkswagen Beetle, Fiat 500, Renault 5 – each bound up intrinsically with the practice of its respective onshore of origin, and successful definite cases astir arsenic long-lived.

The US could assertion a few, but it’s arguably the Ford Mustang that stands proudest arsenic the automotive embodiment of Americana, with its fusion of affordability, cachet and show propelling it to go 1 of the country’s – and the world’s – best-selling cars of each time.

But who would deliberation it had specified a immense and fanatical pursuing successful the UK, wherever it’s been sold officially for lone the past 7 years?

Some 800 cars turned retired to observe the Mustang’s 60th day astatine the British Motor Museum past weekend, which would consciousness similar a commendable turnout had it been held successful Ford’s location authorities of Michigan, fto unsocial Oxfordshire.

The assortment of cars connected amusement was testament to the Mustang community’s inclusive and accepting nature, which is intelligibly reflective of the everyman entreaty of the car itself.

Topfuel comic cars rubbed wings with well-worn, scrappily painted, ‘grandpa-spec’ cruisers and ground-scraping drift weapons; concourse-spec depository pieces – seemingly caller of the Dearborn accumulation enactment – parked adjacent to comically modified examples adorned with bullet-hole stickers and celebrated cartoon characters; and adjacent the little well-loved iterations of the Mustang, specified arsenic the 1980s Fox Body and its SN95 successor, were good represented.

Perhaps it goes without saying, though, that the infamous Pinto-based Mustang II – emblematic of America’s lesser-celebrated Malaise epoch – was little overtly celebrated. The new-generation S650 Mustang, which is conscionable a fewer weeks distant from being launched officially successful the UK, took centre stage.

But it was flanked by an immaculately restored 1966 car and a freshly registered Mach-E, some of which commanded a bully woody of attraction from enthusiasts young and aged – somewhat reassuringly, successful the lawsuit of the Mach-E.

There has been overmuch speech since the Mach-E’s 2020 motorboat of its spot successful the Mustang household histrion (namely, whether it deserves 1 astatine all). 

From its practice and reception here, though, you consciousness that it’s yet been folded into the ranks – possibly lending credibility to Ford’s ambitions of 1 time extending the nameplate yet further to encompass a full scope of models, à la Seat’s Cupra oregon Volvo’s Polestar.

The electrical crossover chopped a faintly anonymous and bland fig successful this context, particularly considering the garish outlandishness of immoderate of the ‘real’ Mustangs connected display, but intelligibly it is not without its fans.

While it mightiness not drawback necks by virtuousness of a crackling V8 oregon a beefy bodykit, determination was intrigue afoot present – possibly doubly poignant, fixed this peculiar crowd’s inherent predilection for burnouts and whopping-great V8 motors.

How agelong earlier kilowatts regenerate cubic inches arsenic the measurement of credibility successful the queue for the blistery canine van?

For now, though, the biggest huddles formed astir the likes of mechanic Simon Day’s brilliantly faithful tribute to Lightning McQueen from Disney’s Cars movie – a cleanable illustration of the Mustang’s inter-generational entreaty – and the jaw-dropping 1965 Fastback brought on by Car SOS prima and self-confessed Mustang fanatic Tim Shaw.

But conscionable arsenic you could person spent hours gawping astatine the prime of immoderate of these restorations, oregon marvelling astatine their owners’ committedness to originality astatine each costs, determination was conscionable arsenic overmuch delight to beryllium had successful the neighbourly consciousness of familiarity and friendliness that pervaded this event.

While immoderate long-running car models person attracted a somewhat cynical and adenoidal gaggle of gatekeepers astatine the forefront of their followings, the Mustang seems to person steered wide of that exclusivity, alternatively soldiering connected into its seventh decennary with its people-pleasing attributes of worth and charm firmly intact.

Our must-have Mustangs

Seemingly by genuine coincidence, Mustang Day fell connected the aforesaid day arsenic the Grand National astatine Aintree, but it was adjacent harder to prime a favourite from the astir 800 ponies connected show astatine the British Motor Museum successful Gaydon. 

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